Company administrators and Power Users can modify user information, change the type of profile, configure permissions and more.

From the Home page, go to Company > Settings > Users and select the user you want to change.

In the company

  • Email and role. Here you can enter company email and the user's role.

  • Main workplace. Select the workplace where the user usually works.

  • Main team. Select the team the user works in.

  • Other teams, badge code and matching status. If the user is part of multiple teams, you can select them here. You can also enter the badge code and matching status.

  • Active contract. Read the dedicated article to learn how to manage the status of a contract.

Attendance management

  • Weekly timetable. Select the user's working hours.
    ⚠ To be able to select a timetable, you must first create a shift.


  • Who approves your requests? Choose whether the user can approve requests by themselves or if they need to be approved by the team leader or by another user.

  • Request approver. If you chose "A defined user" in the previous menu, you need to select which user this is.


Remote work


The settings in this section are the same as the ones that you can manage in the Timestamp feature for the whole company and are explained on this page.

💡 You can select the timestamp rules for an individual user, regardless of how they are set in the Timestamp feature. The rules you set for the user have priority over the general ones, whether they are more or less restrictive.

Read here if you want to learn more about timestamps.

Discover all of Fluida's SMART timestamp and attendance modes.

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