How does Fluida track attendance?

The Fluida app is designed to track the attendance of users, providing different methods to clock in and out.

Can there be differences between the timestamps?

Certified timestamp

All the timestamps entered with the "Enter"/"Exit" Fluida Home button are certified by the app. This is valid for both timestamps entered via smartphone (Bluetooth or GPS) and NFC badges.

If entered correctly, certified timestamps do not require further intervention and facilitate the work of administrators and approvers.

Uncertified timestamps

The timestamps entered from a smartphone with the "+" key or from a desktop with the "+ New" key are not certified.

Fluida tracks these entries as "manual timestamps". Therefore, the intervention of another user may be required to approve or reject the manual timestamps.

How can a user clock in and out?

Timestamps certified with the NFC Badge

Thanks to the NFC Badge and the Fluida Station, the app certifies user's timestamps and automatically tracks date, time and location.

  • Bring the NFC Badge close to the Fluida Station, just below the monitor

  • Wait for the confirmation screen and sound

Note: to function correctly, each Fluida Badge must be paired with a user's profile

Certified timestamps by smartphone with Bluetooth

Tired of the classic badge? Fluida users can clock in and out with their smartphone, thanks to the Fluida Beacon.

  • Make sure you have activated your smartphone's Bluetooth and GPS

  • Position yourself in the coverage area of the Fluida Beacon

  • Clock in and out with the "Enter"/"Exit" key

Certified timestamps by smartphone with GPS

If you are not using one of the Fluida devices (Station or Beacon), you can use your smartphone and GPS to clock in and out. This can be particularly useful for collecting timestamps from users who work remotely.

The timestamps entered with this method are always certified.

  • Make sure you are in the area where you have been authorized to work

  • Clock in and out with the "Enter"/"Exit" key

Timestamp without validation

This type of timestamp is not certified by the app and should only be used in exceptional cases: for example, when a user forgets the NFC Badge or the smartphone with which he or she normally clocks in and out. The timestamps entered manually may require approval from another user.

  • Press the "+" (smartphone) or "+ New" (desktop browser) key

  • Select "Timestamp"

  • If necessary, change Workplace, Day and Entry/Exit

  • Press "Manual timestamp"

Note: It is not possible to clock in and out via NFC badge and Bluetooth at the same time. For example: a user enabled to clock in and out with a physical badge will not be able to use Bluetooth timestamps and vice versa.

Edit or delete a timestamp:

The procedure for changing or deleting a timestamp can be done directly from the Calendar and only under certain conditions:

- If the timestamp is certified (clocking in and out via Bluetooth, GPS or NFC), then it can only be deleted by the user who entered it. It cannot be changed by the user and cannot be changed or deleted by an administrator.

- If the timestamp has been entered manually (via the timestamp justification, by clicking on the "+" button) then the entry can also be modified or deleted by the administrator.

In both cases, all parties involved (approver and user) are notified of any changes or deletions.

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