Have you completed the setting up of Fluida Station? Now you can pair NFC Badges to each user. The procedure is quick and easy.

  • To access the settings, click on the gear symbol at the top right of the Fluida Station main screen.

  • Enter the name and password of an Administrator or Power User and click "Pair a badge."

  • Select the user you want to pair the NFC Badge with.

  • Click "Pair."

  • Bring the badge to the area below the screen, marked by the Wi-Fi symbol. The Station will detect the badge, pairing it with the user you have selected, and will show a confirmation screen.

The user you have paired can now use the NFC Badge to record his or her attendance.

💡 To remove a user's badge, repeat the procedure "Settings" > "Pair a badge," choose from the list the person using the badge you want to remove, and click "Remove badge."

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