Whenever a colleague is invited to join your company, a user profile needs to be assigned to the new account. The choice lies between four possibilities, each with different privileges and responsibilities:


A Standard user is the profile with most restrictions and has no particular permissions. As a Standard user, you can manage your personal profile, insert justifications and timestamps for yourself, view the Calendar (without being able to see the details of justifications inserted by other users, unless you are specifically informed) and see your personal reports.

Team Leader

A Team Leader is a user in charge of managing a group of users. In addition to being able to manage your own profile, you can see reports and approve or reject the justifications of employees who are part of the team for which you are responsible. You can also send corporate communications to these users.

Power User

A Power User has access to almost all of the Company settings: it can create/edit shifts, justifications, corporate communications, manage all accessible features and export data.
As a Power User you can also invite new users, change settings for the existing ones and insert justifications and timestamps for your employees as well (of course, the latter will be notified of any insertions).


The Administrator is usually the user who created the company on Fluida. Just like a Power User, it can manage all users and features through the "Company" menu. The difference between a Power User and an Administrator is that the latter is the only one who can manage settings inside the Subscription menu.

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