With the Timestamp feature, you can choose how to track users' attendance.

You can set global entry and exit rules, allow in-workplace timestamps via Bluetooth, GPS or NFC Badge and remotely via GPS.

The feature integrates seamlessly with Fluida Beacon and Fluida Station devices.

Note: the feature can only be activated by Administrators and Power Users.

To activate the Timestamp feature, from the "Home" page, select "Company" > "Settings" > "Timestamp" and click "Enable feature."

After activating the feature, you can customize the timestamp clocking in and out rules for each individual user.

From the "Home" page, click "People" > select a user > "Edit" and scroll down to the Timestamp section. Set the rules and click "Save."

Note: Global timestamp clocking in and out rules will only be applied to new users who subsequently join your company in Fluida.

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