Does your company have multiple workplaces? Do you have offices in different cities, or in a foreign country? Let's take a look at how to add a new workplace using Fluida.

Add a Workplace

  • From the Home page, click on Company > Workplaces > Add Workplace.

  • Choose a name for the new workplace and write it in the field provided.

💡 It is not necessary to write "Workplace" before the name, because when you save the settings, the app will automatically show the word "Workplace" followed by the name you have chosen.

  • Then enter the address, selecting it from the Google Maps suggestions.

Note: it is important to enter the door number correctly as this is necessary for some of the app's features (e.g., timestamps clocking in and out).

  • In the Weekly closures section, select Closed according to the days on which the workplace is closed. By default, all days will be set to "Open" during the first set up.

  • In the Capacity" section, you can enter the maximum number of people allowed in the workplace at the same time, and in the Additions section, the external ID.3

  • Finally, the procedure is completed by clicking on Add.

Edit or delete a Workplace

  • Home > Company > Settings.

  • Click the Workplace.

  • Click Edit company location or Delete company location (in order to delete a workplace, there must not be any users associated with it).

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