In Fluida, it is possible to add users at any time, depending on the needs of the company. In this article, we will take a look at how to add a new contract, as well as how to deactivate or delete a user.

Add a new user

From the "Home" page, click Company > Settings > Users > Add person.

Fill in the required fields and complete the invitation by clicking on "Add Person."

At this point, the recipient will receive an email with an invitation to register on Fluida.

In the event that the invitation email is lost, it is possible to send a new one:

To do so, simply click on the grayed-out profile of the invited person and click Save again.

Deactivate a user

User contracts can be deactivated without completely deleting them. A deactivated contract will preserve the user's history data and may be reactivated in the future if needed. If a contract is deactivated, the user will no longer have access to the company he or she has been linked to but will be able to keep his or her profile in case of reactivation or re-invitation.

To deactivate a contract, select the user in Company > Users and click on the Disable contract action.

The deactivated user will no longer be visible in the People menu, but will remain grayed out in the Users list.

Reactivate a user

If a contract has been deactivated, it is possible to reactivate it by clicking on Active contract and then Save, within the user details.

Delete a user

Once a contract has been deactivated, you can delete the user by repeating the same procedure used to deactivate the user.

To delete a contract: choose the user in Company > Users and click on the Delete contract action.

In this way, the procedure for a possible reactivation of the user will be slower, and the company will lose the attendance history related to the deleted account.

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