It is possible to enable some integrated extensions in Fluida, to implement the features and make the app more efficient.

How to activate an extension

Extensions can be activated from the appropriate menu:

Company > Settings > Extensions.

To enable one or more integrations, click on its icon, and check the "Enable" item.

Note: in the field "Company Code" or "API Key", you can enter the code that identifies your company with the provider of the service related to the extension.

For example, in the case of Zucchetti Paghe Web, the code with which Zucchetti identifies your company must be entered. In the case of Export CSV, you can enter the code that the tax office, which will receive the exported file, has assigned to your company.

Once the extension has been enabled and the company code entered in the same menu, you will have to fill in:

  • The External ID field of all the justifications with the relative justification code in the menu Company > Settings > Attendance management > Justifications

  • The External ID field of all users with their employee code in the Company > Settings > Users menu

Here is a list of extensions currently present on the platform:

  • Zucchetti Paghe Web

If your company uses Zucchetti Paghe Web for the online management of employee payrolls, you can access the reference file directly from Fluida.

Find out more about data export for Zucchetti Paghe Web:

Zucchetti Paghe Web

  • Export CSV

An extension that allows you to export attendance and timestamps. The databases will be saved in files with the CSV extension and can be read by programs such as Microsoft Excel, Open Office and many others.

Read more about data export:

Export data

  • External IDs

It allows companies to develop and manage custom integrations.

By enabling this extension, thanks to the unique IDs assigned to the company, workers and justifications, the data collected by the platform can be integrated with third-party solutions.

  • Inaz

A useful extension in the event that the management of the LUL (Libro Unico del Lavoro/single employment register) is entrusted to Inaz. Activating this integration involves exporting different types of files:

  1. Inaz Paghe

  2. Inaz LUL

  • Team System

It allows the company to export data in the Team System format.

  • Voxloud

If your company uses Voxloud's cloud PBX, you can access its features through the Fluida app.

  • Job Sistemi

The extension that allows you to export attendance and timestamps for the Job Sistemi payroll software. Through this extension, it will be possible to export files in three different formats:

  1. Attendance Job Sistemi

  2. Item Job Sistemi

  3. Reasons Job Sistemi

  • Centro Paghe

It allows the company to export data in the format required by Gruppo Centro Paghe.

  • Export Timestamps

Useful if you need to export data in text format.

Update the Fluida app on an ongoing basis, so you don't miss out on future integrations!

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