Fluida allows us to view and manage the contacts of the people who work in the company.

You can also manage your personal information, which will be visible in the directory of your colleagues (read directly here to find out how).

From the "Home" page, click on "People" to view the list of colleagues.

At the top of the list, our contact will be visible.

With the "Team", "Workplaces" and "Attendance" buttons, you will be able to filter the list to view only colleagues who work for a specific team, in a specific workplace, or who have used a timestamp clocking in and are present in the company at that time.

Note: if you are logged in as an administrator, the "Add person" option will be available on this screen; standard users will only be able to see the list of colleagues.

Attention: by clicking on "Company" > "Settings" > "Users" you can access a list of your colleagues, which, however, has a completely different function from the simple "Directory" and allows you to access the advanced profile configuration settings.

Find out more about this feature by reading the dedicated article:

Manage a User

By clicking on the contact of one of your colleagues, you can view a lot of information, such as his or her telephone number and email address, weekly shift, role and workplace.

Note: sensitive data, relating to the type of contract and residential address, will only be visible to the administrators.

At the bottom of the screen (or by scrolling to the bottom of the screen if you use Fluida from a smartphone), again for administrators, the "Edit" and "Deactivate" buttons will be available to modify the colleague's data or delete it from the address book.

How do I edit my personal profile?

There are two ways to edit your personal data in the address book.

  • You can open the People menu and click on your contact, which is shown at the top of the list ("Home" > "People" > "My contact"). At the bottom of the screen (or by scrolling all the way down in the app), the "Edit Profile" button will be shown.

  • From the "Home" page, you can click on the icon of your profile and then on "Edit profile."

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