Are you an administrator who manages different companies, or a freelancer who works for multiple companies? Fluida comes to your aid, allowing you to link them to a single account.

First of all, you must request the enabling of the multi-company functionality, by writing an email to

Note: in order to speed up the procedure, it is necessary to specify in the email subject "Request for activation of multi-company functionality."

Once you have received confirmation of activation, from the "Home" page, click on the icon of your profile, then on that of your current company. From the drop-down menu, choose "Connect company."

Note: if you are using the web version of Fluida, from the "Home" page, it is possible to click directly on the company icon, at the top left of the screen.

  • The company has already been created on Fluida

A company that is already present in the Fluida ecosystem can be paired with your profile through the invitation received via email.

If you have received the email, you can open the link contained within and log in. Alternatively, you can use the code contained in the email, and insert it in the "Enter link code" field, visible in the first image of this guide.

Note: the invitation code is unique, and is valid only for the employee who receives it. Therefore, this code cannot be used by different people to link the company to multiple profiles, and cannot be sent to more than one employee. To invite more people, a new code will have to be generated for each one.

Find out how to invite and manage users of your company.

Manage the company users

  • I want to create a new company

If you want to add a company that is not yet connected to Fluida, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and in the "For owners or administrators" section, click "Create new company." At this point, you will have to follow the procedure, and enter all the data of the new company to be connected to Fluida.

You have now linked a new company to your profile, and you can use all the functions of the app, without the risk of confusing different jobs.

How to change the profile

To change companies within the app, from the "Home" page, click on your profile icon, then on that of the currently selected company (as you did at the beginning of this guide). From the drop-down menu, you can now see the list of your companies, and select the one you need to manage with Fluida.

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