If you are part of a company that uses Fluida, in just a few steps, you too can access the app's features.

First, a company administrator will need to send you an email invitation.

If you are an administrator, read the article dedicated to user management.

Add a user

If you already have a Fluida account, once you have received the email, just click on the link and then on "Login." The app will automatically add your account to the company you were invited to.

If you don't have an account yet, you will need to click on "Register," and follow the steps to create a Fluida account. At the end of the registration, your account will be added to the company.

Note: the procedure can be carried out both from the browser and from the app. If Fluida is already installed on your smartphone, by clicking on the link, the app may open automatically, depending on your smartphone settings.

Have you received an invitation, but you are not yet familiar with Fluida?

Read the articles dedicated to attendance, shift management and justifications.

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