The Expense Report is the Fluida feature that allows you to enter expense justifications within a summary that will always be available directly in the app.

Enter the work expenses, or approve those of other users in a simple and intuitive way, from your smartphone app or from any other device. You can add a photograph of the justification for each entry, open a chat, indicate the payment method and much more.

You can also export reports to PDF and Excel to conveniently download the files.

In just a few clicks, a user can create multiple expenses to be included in a single report, which will be sent to his or her manager with a request for approval.

Once approved, the expense report is sent to the administrators for reimbursement.

Entering the expense information is simple, and the procedure can be completed either from the Fluida App installed on the smartphone or from any other device.

You can activate the feature in the "Company" > "Settings" > "Expense report" menu. Click "Enable feature" and save.

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