You can see a summary of all colleagues who are working at any given time in the company.

From the "Home" screen, click "Who is in the company?" in correspondence with the "Today" section.

On the main screen, at the top, you can see the total number of people who are working and those who are absent. The "Highlights" section shows the name of the colleagues who have entered a justification for the day.

Note: in the number of absentees, any users who are working but have not entered their timestamps may be counted.

In the "Details" section, you will find the summary of the workers, for each company workplace. The left column shows the number of people who are working in the individual workplaces, while the right column shows the total number of employees assigned to each workplace.

Note: if the number of workers present in a company exceeds that allowed for the workplace, an alert will appear. Read here to learn how to set the capacity of a workplace.

Below the "Expected Attendance" counter (which is based only on the shifts assigned to users), the number of workers who have actually entered a timestamp is available (e.g. "11 at present"). By clicking on the number of staff, you can see the list of all workers present.

You can also set a filter, to see how many people of a particular team or a specific location are at work, or include those absent from the list, by selecting the buttons in the upper area of the screen.

"How to set the capacity of a company workplace"

Select "Company" from the main screen and click on "Workplaces."

Choose the company whose capacity you want to set, and click "Change workplace" at the bottom of the screen.

Almost done! You just have to enter, in the "Capacity" section, the maximum number of people who can be present at the same time. As we have seen above, if the people present in the company exceed the capacity you have set, a warning will appear, visible in the details of the "Who is in the company?" feature.

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