The company connection code can be found in the invitation email:

  • If the user has not yet completed his or her profile and has lost the email, a new invitation can be sent.
    To do this, go to the Company > Settings > Users menu. Select the user (you should see the grayed-out profile) and, without changing any fields, click "Save" at the top right to send a new invitation.

  • If a user has not yet registered on Fluida and has not yet been invited, you can add them as a new user. Find out how by reading this article.

  • To send an invitation to a user who already had a Fluida profile but has been completely deleted from the company (first deactivated and later deleted), you must add him or her back to the company as if he or she were a new user.

    💡 Upon receiving the invitation, the user must click "login" instead of "register" and use the previously set access data.

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