Have you just purchased the Fluida Station? Find out how to set it up correctly and start using it in your company!

Switching on for the first time

  • Connect the Station to the power via the USB cable and start it by pressing the power button above the screen.

In the initial screen, choose how the Station connects to the internet:

  • if there is a company Wi-Fi network, click "Wi-Fi Network" > select the network (enter the password if the network is protected).

  • if you want to use a SIM card, you have to insert it into the Station. To do this, make sure the Station is turned off, remove the front of the outer cover, and pull the Station out from the back. Remove the back cover of the Station by sliding it down with light pressure. Remove the battery and insert the SIM into the slot provided.

"First Installation" screen

Once connected to the Internet, the Station will take a few minutes to install the Fluida Kiosk app, which will be shown on the main screen of the device.

  • Open Kiosk to confirm that the installation has been successful: you should see the "First Installation" screen.

💡 Click the "i" of Instructions to read a summary of the operations required to complete the set up.

Finish setting up

We recommend that you use Fluida on your smartphone to complete the set up.

  • Go to Company > Organization > Workplaces and select the workplace where you want to install the Station.
    Scroll down and click "Add +" next to NFC, add a name and enter the ID (still visible on the Station screen). To confirm, click "Apply."

  • Go back to Company > Organization > Workplaces and select the same workplace.
    Scroll down and click "Add +" next to Bluetooth. Wait for your smartphone to detect the Station, select it and click "Next."
    To complete the procedure, click "Pair."
    💡 It is not necessary to pair the Station with the smartphone of each user in the company. The reading of the signal takes place automatically at each timestamp clocking in and out.

  • On the "First Installation" screen, click "Done." The Station is now ready for use.

Read here to find out how to pair an NFC Badge.

Make changes to device settings

  • Click the scroll wheel at the top right of the Station screen and log in.
    💡 You must log in with an "Administrator" or "Power user" account.

  • Select the setting you want to change

  • Save the changes by clicking "Apply."


FAQ – Answers to frequently asked questions

  • I followed the installation process correctly, but the Station does not synchronize timestamps with the app.

    • Turn off the Station, wait a few minutes and restart it.

  • I invited a new user to the company, I paired his NFC badge and the Station does not synchronize the timestamps (Error: common device not found).

    • The Station synchronizes the list of new users at the following midnight. If you want to force synchronization, turn off the Station, wait a few minutes and restart it.

  • When I clock in or out, the Station displays the message "Tag empty."

    • Make sure the Kiosk app is open.

    • Check that the badge is correctly paired with the user.

  • The Station screen stays black and/or does not turn on.

    • Check the power cord and transformer.

    • Give it a try by plugging it into another outlet, using a different power cord.

  • I want to insert or change the SIM.

  • Can I pair the Station with several companies at the same time?

    • Yes, the device can be used simultaneously with multiple companies. The application automatically detects which company each clocking in or out timestamp belongs to.
      ⚠ A user who works simultaneously for several companies that are paired with the same Station will have to timestamp clocking in and out with a different badge for each company.

  • Haven't found the solution to your problem?

    • Write to support@fluida.io, specifying the company name and the device ID. To find the ID, press the right touch button below the Station screen > click Dashboard. The string of characters you see under "Owner's name" corresponds to the Station ID.

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