Entering a justification from the app, or from a computer, is very simple and takes just a few seconds: you can enter a request or send a report to the manager (depending on the justification chosen) and, at the same time, be able to notify work colleagues via a notification.

The justifications entered are always available in the Calendar and in the request archive on the Home page, where you can check their status ("Pending approval", "Approved" or "Rejected") and communicate with your manager via the Communications menu.

Note: A Standard user will be able to see the entries of colleagues in the Calendar but will not be able to view the reasons/details of the absence unless specifically notified during the entry phase.

Otherwise, the viewable justification will report "Generic Absence."

The entry categories

Fluida provides a list of pre-set categories that allow you to enter the most common justifications and requests. Some justifications must be entered in the Calendar, which will be indicated by a specific color or symbol and it is possible to create new personalized justifications in the appropriate Justifications menu, depending on the needs of the company.

  • Vacations
    To request days off. The justification requires approval.

  • Permissions
    This justification also requires approval, but most companies on Fluida prefer to create different types of permissions via the Justifications menu. Once created, these will become available to the entire company.

  • Sickness
    The medical justification does not require approval and has unique characteristics: you can specify a possible return date, or select the "I don't know when I will be able to return" option. In the latter case, the justification is renewed from day to day, until a user or an Administrator changes the absence justification within the calendar, specifying the return date. Finally, you can specify a protocol number (optional).

  • Lateness
    Are you running late? No problem, report it with this justification.

  • Other absence
    Do you need to report an absence, but are not sure whether it falls into one of the above categories? You can use the Other absence justification, specifying the reason in the notes.

  • Timestamp
    This justification allows you to enter a manual timestamp that requires approval, in order to correct any oversights. Discover the feature!

  • Overtime
    To report extra hours worked. Like all justifications, it is possible to request overtime hours both in advance and afterwards.

  • Remote work
    You can use this justification to report when you work from home.

  • Change of workplace / Change of shift
    If you are away, or want to request a change of shift for one or more days of work, you can use this feature.

  • Expense
    Allows you to enter a reimbursement request for an expense incurred.
    Discover the Expense Report feature!

Enter a justification from "+ New"

Click on the "+" / "+ New" button located on the Homepage, which allows you to access the list of available categories:

Select the category in which you are interested (in the example, Vacations) and proceed. In the following screen, we can define:

  • The date of the request: by clicking on the "Single day" / "Several days" button, it is possible to define whether the justification will be entered for a specific date, or if it involves a longer period of time.

  • The time covered by the justification: this field is particularly useful if you are entering a justification that is valid for a single day. Sometimes, it is necessary to enter a request that affects only a few hours of a working day.
    The "Morning" / "Afternoon" / "Full day" buttons allow you to enter the following preset times: 09:00–13:00 / 14:00–18:00 / 09:00–18:00

  • Finally, you can specify further details in the Notes field

Once the fields have been filled in, you will be able to select some colleagues (in addition to the manager) who will be notified of the entry and complete the entry by clicking on "Send Request."

Enter a justification from the calendar

A justification of Attendance or Absence can be entered directly from the Calendar.

  • Select a specific day within your program.

  • By clicking the three dots at the top right, next to the scheduled shift, it will be possible to enter a new request, as shown below:

Justification archive

All Fluida accounts can access, through the Home page, their summary of the Absence/Attendance justifications entered. These can also be filtered by year, type of justification and status of the request.

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