If you have activated the Corporate Communications feature, you can create a new communication and send it to the whole company, or choose only some teams or some workplaces as recipients.

Send a communication

Go to Company > Organization > Communications and click Add.

Step 1

  • Sender. You can select the company as the sender, or you as the user if you want to send the communication personally.

  • Recipients. Choose whether to send the communication to the whole company or only to some teams or some locations.

  • Requested action. You can ask the users who receive the communication to confirm that they have read it.

  • When you have selected all the fields, click Next.

Step 2

  • Subject. Enter the subject of your communication.

  • In the main field, enter the text of the communication.

  • Click Browse if you want to attach a file.

  • Click Next.

Step 3

  • When? Choose whether to send the communication immediately or schedule it to be sent at a later time.

  • Frequency. You can send the communication only once, or every day, every week or every month.

  • Click Next.

  • Click Send Now to send the communication.

Communications summary


  • To view all the communications you have sent, go to Company > Organization > Communications.

  • Select a communication to see the details.
    💡 Communications are divided between recurring and single-send. You can also filter them by year or to view only certain categories (draft and submitted; scheduled, active or discontinued).
    💡 Click on a scheduled or active communication to stop sending.
    All communications remain archived and cannot be deleted.

    An example of the detail of a communication


  • To view all the communications received, go to Home > Communications section > See all.
    💡 You can filter the communications by year and by reading status.

  • Click a communication to see the details.

► Is the feature not yet active? Read here to find out how to activate it.

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