If you have activated Activity Reporting in Advanced mode, to enter a summary of the activities of a day you must first:

Create a project

  • To create a project, go to Company > Organization > Projects.

  • Click Add.

  • Enter a project name.

  • Enter a code (optional).

  • Enter the name of the customer

    • If customers s have already been entered previously, you can choose one from the drop-down menu.

  • Click Create Project.

💡 Click Customer to quickly filter projects based on specific clients.

Create an activity

Now you can create one or more activities to assign to your projects.

  • Go to Company > Settings > Activities carried out.

  • Click Activities.

  • Click Add New.

  • Enter a name and code for the activity.

  • In the Enabled Team section, click Select and choose which Teams will be able to use the activity you are creating to report a day.

  • Click Create Activity.

Now you can use daily activity reporting! Read here about how to enter activities to report working days.

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