The Expense Report may contain one or more expense items that must be submitted for approval. For example, you could create a Report that contains all items related to the expenses of a business trip (round trip, lunches, etc.).

After saving one or more expense items, you can create a new Expense Report that will be sent to the default manager for approval. The approver will be notified, and the Report will be included in his or her Required Actions.

  • On the Home page, click the "See All" item in the Expense Report section.

  • Click "Add" to create a new summary.

  • Choose a name and click "Create Expense Report."
    Note: we suggest naming reports by subject area or by month of reference,
    e.g. January, February, March / Transfer of Limeworks Srl client

  • By selecting the report, you can create new expense items by clicking "Add +", or add existing ones as suggested by the platform.

  • When the report contains all the related expense items, complete the procedure by clicking "Submit."

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