HR Suite management

After saving the payment data, from "Company" > "Settings" > "Subscription" click "HR Suite." Here, you can see the currently active plan and make any changes. You can choose between monthly or annual billing (read here for more information), indicate the number of users you will invite to use Fluida (as explained in this article), and select the features you want to enable for the company.

After changing the settings, you can check the summary in the section below, where you will find the updated quote. If you have a promotional code, you can enter it in the appropriate field. To save the new settings, click "Confirm."

Note: If your account is still in the trial period, the subscription will not be activated until the trial period expires. The relevant charge will be made on the day the plan is activated.

Has your trial period already expired, and you can't access the Company menu?

If the trial period has expired before activating a plan, you can activate a new one by clicking "View plans."

Can I change the number of active users?

Yes. The value you have set under "active users" indicates the number of accounts purchased, or how many users of your company will be able to use Fluida. This number can be changed at any time.

If you need to invite more users than the number you originally set, just increase the "active users" value; the app will automatically calculate the new monthly cost.

If, on the other hand, the "active users" value is higher than the users who actually use the platform, you will have to manually set the correct value; also, in this case, Fluida will adjust the new monthly cost.

Can I change the number of active features?

Yes, you can add or remove features at any time. If this involves a change in the type of plan (between Essential, Standard or Plus), Fluida will automatically recalculate the costs.

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