The Needed actions remind users about missing operations, such as clocking in or out, the management of justifying documents and more. Administrators can hide uncompleted actions for the entire company after a certain date, when those are related to a previous month.

For example, this is helpful if company's data are exported every month, at a certain date, and saved to generate payslips.

Manually disable entries

To disable one user's entries, let's click Calendar. From "Team" or "People" we have to choose a user, set a previous month, and click "Disable insertions".

Now, the user can't insert further justifying documents regarding that month. Insertions can be activated again, doing the same procedure and clicking "Reactivate".

Automatically disable entries

If we want the feature set to work automatically, let's click "Company" > "Settings" > "Presence management" > "Disable entries".

Let's check "Automatically disable" and choose a day of the month. Starting form that day, inserting entries regarding the previous month will not be allowed anymore.

N.B.: the feature will start automatically at the day we have set, every month of the year.

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