Fluida allows us to manage clocking in and out, sick leaves, reports and more. If we forget to accomplish some of these actions, the app reminds us what to do, and let us complete them.

When there are pending operations, we can see the red button "Actions needed" in the upper part of the screen.

Let's click the button to access the list of operations.

If we click one item on the list, Fluida suggests the action needed to complete it. For example, if we click on a presence anomaly, we can manually clock in.

N.B.: action needed counter shows the actual number of operations we must perform. Company's administrator could set a date from which the entries related to the previous month are disabled.

The entries of the previous month that are not carried out within that day, will not be shown in "Actions needed" anymore.

If you want to know how to disable these entries, read more about it here:

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