Fluida Beacon is a small Bluetooth device that allows administrators to uniquely identify the company workplace, so that all employees can use smart timestamp forms clocking in and out.

Let's see how to perform the first setup of the newly purchased Fluida Beacon.

First, you need to pull out the plastic tab, which prevents contact between the device and the battery. Once this is done, the Beacon turns on automatically.

Now, open the Fluida app on your smartphone. To pair the Beacon, from the "Home" page, click "Company" > "Workplaces" and the icon of the workplace where you physically installed the Beacon. Scroll down until you find the "Timestamps clocking in and out" section.

Note: this procedure can only be performed from a smartphone.

Click "Add", next to Bluetooth. Wait a few moments for your smartphone to detect the Beacon. Once the app shows us the list of devices, you can select the "BlueUp-<device number>" item, click "Next," and finally "Pair."

Note: after clicking "Next," before pairing the Beacon, it is possible to personalize its name. This operation can also be done at a later time.

Could not detect the Beacon? Read how to fix common setup problems.

Now that the Beacon is correctly paired with the workplace, you can check that it is active by going back to "Company" > "Workplaces," in the "Timestamp" section. By clicking on the device icon and "Modify" you can change the name of the Beacon.

Do users and employees need to pair their smartphone with the Fluida Beacon?

No, the device is paired to the workplace only once, using the procedure described in this guide. From that moment, enabled users will be able to use the Beacon to timestamp clocking in and out via Bluetooth; the clocking in and out will be automatically certified by the device.

Users, including the administrator who has carried out the pairing of the Beacon to the workplace, will not have to pair their smartphone with the Beacon, as is normally the case with Bluetooth devices.

Solutions to any Beacon problems

My smartphone doesn't detect the Beacon in the pairing phase, how can I fix this?

  • Check that you have activated Bluetooth and GPS tracking on your smartphone.

  • Verify that Fluida has access to Bluetooth and location in the app's privacy settings (both Apple and Android devices).

  • Typical use of Bluetooth devices occurs within a range of about 10 meters. Therefore, make sure that the device has been installed in a place without architectural barriers, and that there are no major obstacles between your smartphone and the Beacon.

  • If the device is still not detected by your smartphone, let's try to unscrew the two screws on the back and remove the battery. After waiting a few moments, put the battery back in, close the Beacon and repeat the pairing procedure. Through this procedure, the device will generate a new unique code associated with the workplace.

Is the Beacon paired correctly but does not detect timestamps clocking in and out?

After activating the Beacon, you can perform timestamp clocking in via Bluetooth and check that Fluida detects it correctly. If the timestamp clocking in is not detected correctly and Fluida suggests forcing it, try the following steps:

  • Remove the two screws from the back of the Beacon.

  • Remove the back compartment of the Beacon.

  • Take out the battery and wait a few seconds.

  • Put the battery back in and close the compartment with the screws.

  • Attempt timestamp clocking in again, without repeating the Beacon pairing procedure.

Read other articles on the subject, to verify that the Timestamps clocking in and out settings are correct.

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