Let's take a look at how to set up company closure days by importing them from a predefined calendar, adding custom vacations, and setting the company locations to which the closures should be assigned.

Select "Company" > "Settings" > "Attendance management" > "Company closures."

Click "Add" > "Import Wizard."

From the drop-down menu, specify the year for which you want to import the vacations (you can choose the current year or the next one) and the country in which the workplace is located.

Note: it is important to correctly select the country in which the workplace is located, in order to allow the system to recognize the specific vacations of that country (for example, Italian Republic Day, in the case of companies that have a workplace in Italy).

Now, you can scroll through the list of vacations. For each, you can specify:

  • if it is to be considered an annual recurrence;

  • whether it will be valid only for the current year;

  • if you want it to be ignored

When you're done setting the dates, click "Next" > "Confirm."

How can I add a company closure date if it does not appear in the vacation calendar that I have imported?

Go back to the original menu, and click on "Add" > "Custom dates."

From the new screen, you can specify parameters for the closure you want to add:

  • the name of the company closure;

  • the duration, which may be a single day or a period of several days;

  • if the vacation is valid only for the current year, or if it will be repeated every year;

  • whether the period you have set will be deducted from the total hours of vacation of each employee, or whether it will be a paid vacation;

  • if the closure is valid for all workplaces, or only for some (in the latter case, by removing the check mark from "Apply to all workplaces," you will be able to select which workplaces to apply the vacation to).

To finish, click on "Save."

"How can I delete or modify a company closure?"

You may delete a closure that has already been entered by accessing the "Company closures" menu.

From the list of closures, click on the one you want to modify, and change the parameters described above; finally, click on "Save."

If, on the other hand, you want to delete the closure, click on "Delete closure."

With this procedure, you will be able to modify or delete closures that have been imported through the wizard, or that you have added manually.

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