Optimizing and quickly managing the data flow of company attendance, expenses and activities plays a key role for users and administrators and simplifies relationships between co-workers.

Fluida, through the "Report" subsystem, helps users to maintain an overview of the company's essential activities and offers the tools required to consult and manage the related data.

Let's take a look at how the "Report" feature is structured.

From the "Home" page, click "Company" > "Report." Highlighted, you will find the Attendance, Timestamp, Activity Reporting, and Expense Report sections.

Note: some of the features described below may differ based on whether an Administrator or a standard user is using them. You can learn more about the topic by reading the dedicated guide.


This section contains all the data related to the hours worked by the users of the company, divided into subcategories for easy consultation.

  • Monthly attendances

The total of ordinary hours, overtime and absences.

Note: Partial hours are expressed as a percentage (for example, 1 h 30 m is displayed as 1.5 h).

  • Absences

The details of the annual absences, divided by users and type.

  • Attendance total

An overview of attendance, with quick access to the Calendar to take action on any anomalies.

  • Attendance anomaly

An effective tool for monitoring and managing anomalies in entries.

  • Workplaces

In this tab, you can quickly view the hours and workplace expected for the users of the company.


A quick overview of all the times a timestamp has been recorded.

Activity reporting

Here it is possible to consult the reports of the activities carried out day-by-day, filtering teams and workplaces.

Expense report

  • Per person

Administrators can view each user's requests and approve or reject them.

  • To be reimbursed

An overview of expenses that have been approved and are yet to be reimbursed. Administrators can view the details of all users.

To learn more about expense management, you can read the dedicated guide articles.

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