Activating the Privacy mode allows companies to further limit the visibility that users have regarding certain information within the application.

These restrictions are applied in particular to users who have a Standard profile, who will no longer be able to see the Team calendars and the attendance of colleagues.

Activate the feature and differences

The feature can be activated by a Power User or an Administrator in the Company > Settings > Presence management > Privacy Mode menu.

  • By selecting the "Standard" mode, all users will be able to see each other's calendars. However, in the case of the absence of a colleague, standard users will only be able to view the generic absence icon; administrators, on the other hand, will have access to the details.

  • In "High" mode, Standard users can no longer see the Team Calendar and colleague attendance markers within the People menu. A Team Leader, on the other hand, will continue to have visibility only of the accounts for which he or she is directly responsible; he or she will lose visibility on the calendar of the other Teams, Team Leaders, Power Users and Administrators. Users who use a Power User or Administrator profile will continue to be able to see all Calendar details for all users.

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