The Expense Report is a very flexible tool. It allows you to enter expenses using different categories, specify the means of transport with which a business trip was made (even adding your own car, to request a mileage reimbursement), and export the Reports.

Find out how to optimize the Expense Report feature below.

What are the available expense categories?

The currently available expense categories include:

Airplane, Train, Public Transport, Vehicle Rental, Taxi, Fuel, Mileage Reimbursement, Parking, Toll, Hotel, Restaurant, Telephone and Internet, Other.

How can I add a new vehicle?

Before entering an expense in the Mileage Reimbursement category, you must set the data of the vehicle you are using: read the dedicated article to find out how.

Is it possible to export an expense report?

Yes, it is possible to export one expense report at a time by clicking on the approved or reimbursed expense. On the screen showing the expense details, you will find the "Export" button.

Is it possible to edit or delete an expense report?

Expense reports can be modified or deleted only as long as they remain as a "Draft"

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