The Completed Tasks feature allows all users to add a daily note to the calendar to keep track of activities during the week.

Activating the feature also allows users to take advantage of an extra notification, which will be received by the user half an hour before the end of his shift, reminding him to mark the completed activities.

To activate the feature, simply enable it in the Company > General > Completed Tasks menu.

Starting now, You'll see a new section inside the calendar, which allows user to insert their completed activities on a daily basis. Once a note has been inserted, you can edit it via the "Add +" button (Adding lines and tasks).

N.B: Admins and Power Users cannot enter summaries on behalf of other users. You cannot insert tasks for the future.

Completed Tasks Report

A report of daily completed tasks is available to Admins, Power Users and Team Leaders inside the Company > Report menu.

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