Corporate Communications allow an Administrator or Power User to send one or more updates to the entire company or to specific teams.
Communications can adapt to a wide variety of purposes and needs, so in the following guide we will activate the functionality and we will see some examples of corporate communication and how they can easily align employees.

Activate the feature

If this feature has not been activated yet, you can do so in "Company" > "Settings" > "Communications". Click "Enable feature" and save.

Create a new Communication

Inside the Company > Communications menu we can find a summary of all corporate communications sent, in draft or interrupted. Communications can not be deleted but they will remain as history and you can filter them by state and/or year of sending.

In order to create a new communication click on "Add"

Let's select:

  • A sender: a message can be sent from the user who is creating the communication or from the company itself.

  • The recipients: a message can be received by the entire company or by specific teams.

  • Action required: do users need to do something when they receive the communication? (At the moment you can only choose between "Reading Confirmation" or "No action")

In the following step we create the message, choosing an object and writing the content. The latter can be customized with many formatting settings thanks to the built-in editor. You can also attach files.

Third step: When would you like to send the communication?

We can choose whether to send it now or to schedule it. In addition, a message can be sent repeatedly (daily, weekly, monthly or annually).
Finally, we confirm all of the the parameters set by clicking on "Send now".


Every communication is customizable and visible from both the desktop and the app versions. By accessing the main menu and clicking on a sent message, you can access a recap of submissions, openings and actions.

Use Cases

Companies on Fluida already use the Corporate Communications for different purposes:

  • Update teams on business meetings or events

  • Promptly communicate the newest regulations regarding the coronavirus emergency, attaching explanatory files as well.

  • Set up custom reminders and notifications

Let’s see an example:

We set up a monthly notification that reminds users to check the correct insertion of timestamps, daily activities and justifications.

  • First, We create the body of the message

  • Schedule the sending date for the last day of the month (or even sooner if you prefer). Possibly the communication should be sent a few days before files are exported for payroll purposes.

  • Set a monthly frequency that will repeat the communication "Forever". By doing so, we won’t have to manually recreate the communication every month.

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