Fluida has a native integration with Zucchetti Paghe Web which consists in exporting a file with a TRRIPW format.
In order to use this kind of file, it is necessary to set the integration correctly first.
Let’s see how in the following steps:

Activate external systems reference fields

First things first, you need to activate the integration in Company > General > Integrations.

By activating this integration, the Zucchetti ID fields will appear inside different areas of the application. In order to properly import the file into Zucchetti, we have to complete the following fields with some codes. This action will allow the two platform to connect all of the exported data, despite having different field names.

N.B.: the codes included in this article are for demonstration purposes only. Each company has different codes. Please consult your Zucchetti account or the person who manages payrolls inside your company in order to acquire them.

Company Code

Your Company Code must be inserted in General > Zucchetti > External ID

Employee Code

Each user has a unique code inside Zucchetti, therefore each and every single user must have its own code inside "external ID" in the Company > Users menu.

Justification code

Lastly, even justifications have their own unique codes. You can insert them in Company > Justifications

Now that every field has been completed, you can export data in a TRRIPW file.

Find out how you can export your data in the following article!

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