If you see a blank screen

Your internet connection may be slow at the moment, which prevents the application from loading the required data. In this case, we suggest you try closing the application, connect to another network and reopen it. If you are using Fluida from a smartphone, try disabling the Wi-fi and using mobile data.

The app is crashing randomly

The application may not have been updated to the latest version. Try uninstalling and downloading the application from the store again:

Download the app for Android or IOS

If the app is still crashing on your smartphone, make sure you installed the latest version of the smartphone's operating system and that it is compatible with Fluida:

Desktop version: incomplete data or screen

You may be navigating an unclean session. You can fix this problem by:

  • Opening an incognito window and using Fluida on a new tab.

  • Cleaning your browser cache

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