If you are experiencing anomalies in using Fluida, this is where you can find some tips to help resolve these problems.

General advice

If you are experiencing slowdowns when using Fluida, first check that the connection you are using is in optimal condition. If you are using Wi-Fi, try mobile data or vice versa. Read more tips below.

Smartphone version

  • The application crashes or stops responding.

    • Check that the app is up to date (read here for more details).

    • Check that your smartphone is compatible.

    • If you have already tested out the previous steps and are still having problems, try re-installing Fluida.

  • Invalid username or password.

    • Check that the email you are trying to log in with is the same one you used to register.

    • Read here to find out how to recover your password.

Desktop browser version

  • Non-updated data or incomplete screens.

🔗 Useful links

► Are you using a compatible smartphone?

► Find out how to update Fluida.

► How to recover your password.

► Still haven't found the solution? Contact our support team!

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