Fluida allows you to manage your company, optimizing the administration of clocking in and out, documents, communications and more.

The app consists of several modules. These modules allow an administrator to choose the best features for the company, limiting monthly expenses and making Fluida work more efficiently.

You can pay for the activated modules with monthly or annual subscription; In order to calculate the total amount, you should multiply the cost of activated modules by the number of users. To define wich are the users, you should count the administrator, other company's users, advisors, and everyone you should invite to use the platform.

At present, available modules are "Presence management", "Timestamp", "Expense report", "Communications" and "Documents".

If you choose a single module, you will activate the "Essential" plan, with two or three modules the "Standard", from four to six the "Plus". Each plan has its pricing, with a dedicated discount if the company choses to activate an annual subscription.

N.B.: some free modules (data export, company report, email and chat support) are always active, regardless of the plan you will choose.

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