If you have not already done so, Fluida staff recommends reading this guide to find out how the app tracks attendance and what the differences are between certified timestamps and those that require validation.

Forced timestamps

↑ If you clock in or out via your smartphone, you may see the screen shown above

  • Check that your smartphone's Bluetooth and GPS are turned on.

  • If you are using one of the Fluida devices (Beacon or Station), make sure you are inside an area enabled for timestamp clocking in and out.

  • If you are not using Fluida devices, check that you are not inside a structure that could block the GPS signal of your smartphone.

  • Both the Android and iOS operating systems have implemented privacy settings that can be applied to individual apps. After activating Bluetooth and GPS, check that Fluida has the necessary permissions to use them.

  • Check that the area from which you are timestamping is enabled (Company > Settings > Locations > click a location and check GPS – "Enable").

  • Check the timestamp settings of the user viewing the screen (Company > Settings > Users > select user > check the settings in the In the Workplace/Remote Timestamp section). Read here for more information.

Approval requests

If there are requests for approval in the Required Actions, the following may have occurred:

  • A user has entered an uncertified timestamp.

    • If you want to allow a user to enter non-certified timestamps that do not require approval, change the user's personal settings (Company > Settings > Users > select the user > check that the "in the workplace"/"remote" timestamp field shows "Without validation").

    • If you want to extend the permission to all users you invite in the company, go to Company > Settings > Timestamp clocking in and out. Under In the workplace select Without validation and under Remote select From anywhere without validation.

  • A user has entered a certified timestamp, but an anomaly is generated.

    • Verify that the user has entered the timestamp within his or her working hours.

    • Check the working hours assigned to the user (Company > Settings > Users > select the user > check that the correct Weekly timetable is selected in the Attendance management section). Read the guides dedicated to creating daily timetables and weekly shifts.

    • Check that the Attendance Rules are set up correctly.

Other cases

  • Users do not see the timestamp buttons.

  • Invalid timestamp error.

    • Check that the smartphone clock used to timestamp clocking in and out is synchronized with the Internet time.

  • I want to delete a timestamp.

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