Let's see how we can edit our subscription settings:

  • Click on Company in your Homepage

  • Select Subscription
    N.B: Only a company Admin can edit subscription settings.

  • In this section we will be able to edit every info related to our company and to our billing plan. Let's click on Modify Subscription

  • In order to activate the Starter or Professional plan, you must fill the account and and payment method info first.

  • Choose your preferred payment method: "Credit Card" or "Direct Debit" (SEPA) 👇

N.B: Payment data are safely and securely handled via Stripe. Fluida doesn't keep any record of any data related to your credit card or other payment methods.

  • After your payment method has been added, let's move on and check if the plan selected is the one you actually prefer. If you want to change it, you'll just have to click on it, adjusting the features and the number of users you wish to activate,
    as shown below:

NB.: If your account is still in a trial period, the selected plan won't be activated until it will reach its expiration date. Therefore, the payment of the plan is not triggered until the selected plan is considered "active".

My Trial period has already ended, I can't access the company menu

If your trial period ended before you could activate a plan, don't worry!
You'll just have to click on Discover our plans and activate the one you prefer

  • Select the plan you desire and reactivate it. Done! You're now ready to save time using your new and innovative platform

N.B.: In case your company has 10 users or less, inserting a new payment method won't be necessary 👍

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