If the entire team uses smartphones

If none of the team members require a badge, then you can avoid installing a NFC Reader device. A signal emitted from a Beacon should be enough.

A beacon is a device that can emit its own ID signal via bluetooth, once it has been associated to a workplace.

The user's smartphone detects the beacon's proximity once it's close. (The signal coverage area may vary depending on the device. Usually between 10 and 100mt).

At this point, Fluida.io will show a button on your screen that allows to clock in.
The worker's smartphone will then send the required information to Fluida Platform via internet (WLAN o 4G/LTE).

Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 15 mm  
Battery: 18 months, replaceable (tip. CR2477)
Resistance: Place it inside (protection IP40)

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