A clock in device with badge made for smart companies

If some people in your team don't want to use the app on their smartphone or if you want to keep track of their presences, you can provide each of them with a Badge NFC.

These badges can be read by an Android device equipped with NFC reader (preferably attached to a wall or placed inside a totem), and the app Fluida Kiosk installed.

The moment when a badge is brought closer than 2cm to the device, it will recognize the user.
However, the vast majority of smartphones and tablets have a NFC reader placed on the back of the device, that's why we suggest you to purchase a Fluida Station.

SO: Android-based secured
Display: HVGA 320x480 pixels - 3,5"
Dimensioni/peso: 104x63x13,6mm - 118g
With FluidaPad installed.

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