Thanks to the Smart Clock-in System, you can timestamp in three different ways:

Clock in via Badge NFC

The most classic method for clocking-in, using a physical NFC badge linked to a user profile. If you want to clock-in, simply place the card on the NFC reader of a Fluida Station that has been already installed. A screen followed by a sound effect will confirm the operation.

P.S.: Please note that a Fluida Badge must be linked to an active user before trying to timestamp.

Clock in via Bluetooth

You can clock in with your smartphone just by tapping on the "Entry" button next to the clock placed in your homepage:

Manual Timestamp:

Unlike the first two methods, which employ a technology that certify a timestamp, automatically detecting time, day and place of insertion, this method allows you to manually set all the fields mentioned. This way, a timestamp can be inserted as a standard justification. It was designed to correct mistakes and missing timestamps ("I forgot my badge at home" / "last night I forgot to clock-out") or to better manage colleagues who work remotely.

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