What's the best way to set up my new Fluida Station?

  • First things first, plug in the device to a power source, using the charger included in the box 

  • Turn on the Station 

  • Connect the device to the company's WiFi

  • Reboot the device and complete the installation

You can now proceed with the configuration from the main app or from the device itself. We suggest the latter:

  • Access the "Settings" menu by clicking the gear at the top of the screen
    N.B.: Please remove the transparent cover from the screen as it might hide the an important part of the touchscreen.

  • Please login, using a Power User or Administrator account

  • Select the company and the location, then click on "Configure"

How to set up from Fluida:

  • Select the location where you want to install the device (Company > Workplaces)

  • Add your new device both in the NFC and Bluetooth area

  • N.B.: Here's where you can find your device ID

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